The Cattle BreederEdit


Photo of the Cattle Breeder in the Village.

The Cattle Breeder is an NPC (non-playable character) that allows you to purchase upgrades for your Fertilizer. Each Fertilizer upgrade allows your plants to grow faster.

Compost UpgradesEdit

Compost level Price % Increase Score
100 $2,0 M 100%
200 $9,0 M 125%
300 $16 M 150%
400 $23 M 175%
1000 $65 M 325%
9700 2500%

After level 100 the cost to upgrade increases linearly, as well as the %. Each level up it increases 0.25% and costs 70k more than the previous level.

Prosperity UpgradesEdit

The Cattle Breeder can receive a prosper upgrade from The Mayor, which unlocks higher level upgrades for Fertilizer.

Prosper level Compost max level
? prosperity 50
?+1 prosperity 75

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