Seeds from pepper to star cucumber

You should always sow the highest possible seed, unless you have an agreement with the merchant to sell him something specific, then sow that. Also sow wheat from time to time so you have food for your chickens, being that common wheat yields 4 chicken feeds, and star wheat, 10 chicken feeds.

Another optional planting strategy is to sow lower seeds like potatoes.  This allows the fields to be harvested more often and thereby more flowers will be found.  You will make less money but you will have more flowers/bunches to give to prospective wives.

Note: No, the flower chance does not change as you purchase and sow more valuable crops. The chance always stays the same, there is no basic village/prospective upgrade that can raise this chance as of the first version, up until the present version (v.1.61).


A field can be watered by clicking on it while it is not fully grown. Watered fields will grow 2,5 times faster than normal fields. The water bar holds about 42 seconds of water, which means it will be depleted after 42 seconds of crop growing. It will pause when a crop is completed till its harvested.

Crop gold values  Edit

From the 4th (tomato) crop on, the gold value of the crop type doubles each time from the previous.

The upgrade cost from the 9th crop (Star Potato) on triples for each new seed.               

Crop type

Gold Value Seedsman Upgrade Cost
Potato $10 N/A
Carrot $25 $12
Wheat $60 $72
Tomato $150 $432
Cucumber $300 $2,592
Pepper $600 $15,552
Artichoke $1,200 $65,536
Corn $2,400 $262,144
Star Potato $4,800 $1,048,576
Star Carrot $9,600 $3 M
Star Wheat $19,200 $9 M
Star Tomato $38,400 $27 M
Star Cucumber $76,800 $81 M
Star Pepper $153,600

$243 M

Star Artichoke $307,200 $729 M
Star Corn $614,400 $2,187 M
2 Star Potato $1,228,800 $6,561 M
2 Star Carrot $2,457,600 $19,683 M
2 Star Wheat $4,915,200 $59,049 M
2 Star Tomato $9,830,400 $177,147 M
2 Star Cucumber $19,660,800 $531,441 M
2 Star Pepper $39,321,600 $1,594,323 M
2 Star Artichoke $78,643,200 $4,782,969 M
2 Star Corn $157,286,400 $14,348,907 M
3 Star Potato $314,572,800 $43,046,721 M
3 Star Carrot $629,145,600 $129,140,163 M
3 Star Wheat $1,258 M $387,420,489 M
3 Star Tomato $2,516 M $1,162,261,467 M
3 Star Cucumber $5,033 M $3,486,784,401 M
3 Star Pepper $10,066 M $10,460,353,203 M
3 Star Artichoke $20,132 M $31,381,059,609 M
3 Star Corn $40,265 M $94,143,178,827 M
4 Star Potato $80,531 M $282,429,536,481M
Plants lvl 6 to lvl 19

Pepper to Wheat Star 2

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